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Union County Abstract, Inc. was established in 1882.  Our Title Plant goes back to the beginning of the County in 1856, and has been a McLain family business since 1982.  We specialize in the detailed exploration and examinations of land titles by producing an Abstract.

An Abstract is a document showing the title history of each parcel of land we examine. The history could include deeds, mortgages, estates, easements, judgments, or anything else showing ownership of that land.

We then present a unified document called an Abstract. This allows you to be sure that the land you are purchasing is free and clear for you to own.

Our business believes that when it comes to property Abstracts, one of the most important aspects is trustworthiness. When you choose us, you can trust that we will provide a thorough search of every property to ensure there is an accurate history of the chain of title.

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We are certified and experienced at providing land abstracts to clients.


Over the years, we have built our reputation for great customer service and are now the top choice for generating abstracts.


We ensure that all relevant documents are included to provide a thorough examination of land title history.